Monday, 27 April 2009

Theory and History of Art

I'm theory and history of art's student. I'm cursing, right now, the 3th year of my career. I don't like it so much . But I must be here. We must pick a career. We must be professionals servants of this corrupt world.
Difinitely I prefeer to be a self-taught person. I was learn more by my-self or by other people than a institutional teachers
Why i'm studying this career? Because this career give me time, the precious time for write. I like so much the literature. I was study literature before. But I dont liked how teach it in the university.
I dont want contribute to this rotten world. I would like change it. But I can't, now.
Like Rimbaud wrote:
"Now I am accursed, I detest my native land. The best thing is a drunken sleep, stretched out on some strip of shore."

That's the cuestion. And I dont know just where i'm going

Monday, 20 April 2009

Holiday in ...

Well, always (when I think in summer vacation) I remember Puerto Fuy. Puerto Fuy is a little town between the Andes mountain chain, in the south of Chili, Region de los Ríos (Rivers' region), beside Pirihueico Lake. Puerto Fuy is beside the borderline. For that lake you can cross to Argentina in a ferry.

I went to Pto Fuy in the last summer vacations (January 2009) with my ex girlfriend. We put the tent in the beach, on the sand. In there, I walked, I swam, I though and ate magical mushrooms. The visions of nature, the vision of the human kindoom, the past and the future, the thin line where the true is the lie.

I like the silence. That place is father, mother, son and daughter of the silence. I liked to go there for that.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Introduction to this blog

Hello everybody. My name is Joe, Joe Gualachi. (But I have a different name in the real world).
My mission, search and destroy. I'm a Machine. How Iggy says:
Im a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm/ Im a runaway son of the nuclear a-bomb/ I am a worlds forgotten boy/ The one who searches and destroys.

That's my life. Is not a big deal. Is like the un-road or an empty space inside the age.
Who i am?
A body, a brain, a collection of muscles, a moral, semen, fat, summer vacation, parents, childreens, car, music, empty works for live and die.
That's me. Beautiful, dont?
and you, who are you, reader?