Monday, 15 June 2009


My future in five years from now

In five years from now I’d like to be in no-where, far away, travelling alone, maybe by the desert or something like that. I need to know the silence. I have lived all my life in the noise, I’d like to try different lives or professions in my life to know the world. I’d like to walk, just walk.
Nowadays to pick only one career for life is a great problem for the people. That makes them ignorants and arrogants. For me is necessary to know all the things around me, how they work and why they work. For me is very important to connect directly with people, the animals and the things. That is my personal choice. Saying more would be superfluous.


Sunday, 14 June 2009


Jean-Michel Basquiat is a painter and a street poet (graffiti-maker) from the 80's in New York. His father was an haitian accountant and his mother was a puerto rican graphical designer.
He has done a lot of paintings. He started as a grafitti-maker in the streets of Brooklyn , writing short poems in the walls, and selling his drawings, which he used to call 'poor art', in restaurants. He tries to express the primitivism and dissatifcaction of the streets.
What I like of him is that his gesture is like a child's drawing.
He is not the best. Is there 'a best'? I don't think so. Because there isn't an absolute cannon today. The relation with art isn't objective.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


My favourite web site is . I discovered it searching music and e-books.
I visit it like three times for week.
I like it because it have many information about everything, many information for download music and things. Is very special because have so many discs for download.

my computer

My favourite piece of technology is my computer. I use the computer since twelve years ago. Since five years I was use my computer every single day. I change it many times. I use it for write, for search information in internet, to talk with other people, for listen some music., etc. My life without it would be very different maybe but not less happy.