Thursday, 8 October 2009

My faculty

My Faculty ( A series of questions and answers)

What is the current situation in your faculty?

My faculty (faculty of arts, Las Encinas) is in absolute passiveness. There are no movements; there is no community. Only there are isolated explosions. That is reflect, maybe, of the isolation and the fragmentation of our world. There is mediocrity of thought; there is too much common sense

what things need improvement?

How does his foolishness undress to the fool?
We can’t. In the other times people believe in extra-programmatically education. But the contribution always is a grain of sand. Maybe we need a movement. But … Can movement wake us up? …To us? Does an ‘us’ exist here?

What would be the first steps to deal with this situation?

Maybe do disconcerting things, but not art. The ART always is an institution, and here, in this faculty, is the mechanism of brain-dead par excellence.

How would you resolve this situation?

To create areas of compulsive creation of new forms of life, if not the world suicide, perhaps

what could be the real benefits/ impact of these improvement?

I think nothing, any change, is an improvement. Since the ape up to the man only there is an improvement from the human point of view. Monarchy, democracy, feudalism, there is no an improvement between them. There is an appearance of improvement but the pain, the slavery, the thought control are kept.

What does wait for us?
Some people say it is vanity try to change the things of the world

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