Friday, 14 August 2009

Gender and opportunities in Chile

Egalitarian opportunities in Chile aren’t guaranteed. That’s because egalitarian relationships don’t exist. The gender problem is one of a large list of social contradictions from our 21th century.
Since women entered into the professional world in Chile, they have suffered of discrimination. And even before, boys had been prefered to girls at the moment of being sent to school. At school girls used to learn basic knowledges of lenguaje and mathematics, but specially domestic economy. And that happened in the 20th century.
When they started studying at university, they only had access to women’s carreers, such as Nursing. It took time for women to be accepted unrestrictedly at university. And it took more to be respected professionally as well as a man.
But even when that was gained, still women were payed less than a man in the same job and with the same level of studies. This situation was well known by people and only recently our President have appprove a law that penalizes this practice. But still men are prefered to women to fill a position in a company.The reason of that is pregnancy.
In our male chauvinist culture, pregnancy is seen as a loss for the company rather than an irreplaceable role of women, that contributes to their community in benefit of all. So a pregnant woman, instead of being protected, it’s avoided by the labour world.
Although this country has made progresses in gender relationships, male chauvinist and relationships based on inequality between genders still prevail. Even if it was unthinkable to decades ago to have a female President, today remains a discriminating society that tries to take advantage of women as the weak gender.
So egalitarian opportunities between sexes are enunciated, and yet an unfulfilled promise.

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